Real-time tracking for your personal property or full-scale IoT solutions, all with the help of an app!

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SweTrack Web App

Same functions as in the mobile app

Can be used on any web browser

Easy to use

Why SweTrack?

Affordable and Powerful

We believe that GPS tracking shouldn't be cumbersome or expensive. With us, you avoid tricky agreements and lock-in periods - you simply pay for the time you actually want to use the product.

Complete solution

We strive to offer functional and complete solutions. Thanks to the fact that we develop both hardware and software ourselves, we can provide you with a really flexible, reliable and high-performance service no matter where in Europe you are.

First-class support

Whether you need guidance when it comes to installation or help integrating our tracking platform into the company's business system, our knowledgeable customer service and IT department are always available to help.

Easy Installation

No complicated configurations and instructions. All products from SweTrack are designed to be easy to get started. Everything to enable tracking for everyone.

Are you interested in our products?

We offer everything from simple tracking solutions for private consumers to more complex packages for businesses.