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Política de privacidad

Política de privacidad

Política de privacidad
We at SweTrack offer our customers a range of powerful software services that make it possible to track different types of objects in real time - directly from a computer or mobile device. It is natural that you have questions about how we handle the data collected from your GPS tracker when you use our mobile apps and websites. Therefore, we would like to inform you on how your personal data and the GPS tracker's position data are handled in our systems. You should of course feel that all your personal information is secure with us.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU statutory regulation that entered into force in the spring of 2018. The GDPR primarily aims to strengthen and harmonize data protection for EU citizens. The Regulation obliges organizations to protect personal data through organizational, administrative and technical measures, and to provide documentation for this protection. The regulation stipulates how companies may handle personal data, i.e. information that is collected about you when you use services and products. In summary, companies must not handle personal data that can identify you as a person to a greater extent than is necessary. A company thus does not own your personal information but only borrows it. This means that you as a user have the right to delete your data at any time when you no longer use a service.

SweTrack Electronics AB protects your personal privacy and has a full understanding of the importance of anonymity when it comes to sensitive location information. Therefore, we want to inform you below about how, why and when we use your personal information, so that you will feel as safe as possible.

Personal data when you use SweTrack Live:
When you use the SweTrack Live platform for both mobile and browser, we only collect the personal data that is necessary for the service to work. We never disclose information about our users or how they use our products to third parties, except in legal proceedings and criminal investigations where we are required by Swedish law to disclose this information and to the payment system Stripe.

Personal information provided by you:
The following personal information is provided when you use SweTrack Live by entering this information yourself.

Account information
When you use one of our software services, you have a personal account linked to your GPS tracking device (s). The account is protected by a password that you choose when you create the account. We recommend that you use a strong password that contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters such as exclamation marks, question marks, and periods. The passwords are stored in encrypted form in our database. It is not possible for SweTrack Electronics AB or any third party to see which password you use for your account with us because this information is encrypted in our database. We would like to urge you to never share your user information with anyone else, and to change your password frequently.

When you create the account in the app, you have the opportunity to fill in your first name and last name. Providing this information is entirely voluntary and the information is only used to create a more personalized user experience in SweTrack Live. This information, if you choose to provide it, will never be passed on to third parties.

Payment method and information
If you pay by card, you enter the following personal information; card number, name and CVC code. This personal information that is necessary to complete a transaction on your card is passed on to a third-party payment system called Stripe. This system is not provided by SweTrack Electronics AB. You can read more about how Stripe processes your personal data through the following link: https://stripe.com/us/privacy/.

SweTrack Electronics is obliged according to the Swedish Accounting Act (1999: 1078) to save all customer information resulting in payments for at least seven years. This is to be able to facilitate accounting and assist with accounting documents if this should be requested by authorities.

IMEI number
The IMEI number is the GPS tracker's identification number and is used to connect your physical hardware to SweTrack Live so that the database can display the device's position. This number is linked to our database and the information we can interpret that can be traced to the user is which account the device is registered in, the latest position that the device has registered, which retailer has sold the device and which payment method is used to pay the device data plan.

Personal data not provided by you:
The following personal data is not actively provided by yourself but is read from our various systems for the service to work and create as good of a user experience as possible.

Current position::
If you use the SweTrack Live mobile application, you have the opportunity to see where you are in relation to where your GPS tracker is. This information is only displayed locally on your phone and neither SweTrack nor any third party can see it. This means that the location information never leaves your phone. This position can neither be seen, used nor stored in our systems, but is only used locally (for you) when you have the app up.

When you use one of our GPS trackers together with a live tracking service from SweTrack Electronics AB, the GPS tracker continuously collects information about its location and then sends this information to a database server. Our mobile apps and web services then retrieve the location information from the database server and display it to you, in the app or on the web service, drawn on a map. Historical positions are also stored in the database, so that you can request history of how your GPS tracker moved during a specified period of time. Our servers and MySQL databases are highly encrypted and it is not possible for third parties to access the databases and / or servers to find out information on how your product has been used.

Analytics data
When using SweTrack Live on your mobile device, Google collects anonymized data through a system called Firebase. This data is for evaluation purposes only and cannot identify an individual user. Information provided by Firebase is:

  • Language set on the phone
  • Number of users
  • Country
  • Which pages are frequented more than others
  • Number of active users

When using a SweTrack GPS tracker
You also provide personal information in connection with the use of the physical hardware , i.e. GPS trackers from SweTrack Electronics AB.

Information about the device
In order for us to provide you with an as good as possible user experience and support, our systems collect information from your device. This includes the device's IMEI number, the type of SIM card it has with the associated ICCID number, the software version of the device, the amount of data uploaded by the device, the time when the device was last active, and the type of commands which the device sends out.

Location data
VOur GPS trackers do not store any location history locally, but all information about the current position is only temporarily stored in the GPS tracker's working memory for further forwarding to the user. It is not possible for third parties to read directly from the GPS tracker how it was used.

How can I control how my user data is used?
When you no longer use our products and services, we delete the personal data that has been collected about you from our database. You are no longer considered to use the service or product when you have chosen to cancel your data plan, delete your devices on SweTrack Live and terminate your account.

The following explains different ways you can influence and control the personal information we collect about you:

Change account information
If you want to change your account information, you can do this in SweTrack Live by navigating to Control Panel -> Account Settings. There you can change user information such as name, username and password.

Delete position and alarm history
In accordance with GDPR, we offer you as a customer the right to delete all position and alarm history that a specific device has collected. To do this on SweTrack Live, go to Account Settings. Read more in the following guide: https://swetrack.zendesk.com/hc/articles/360021572979-25.

It is important to note that if you choose to delete all position and alarm history, this information cannot be recreated as it is permanently deleted from our database.

Cancel a data plan
That you cancel your data plan is a prerequisite for you to be able to delete your devices / account from our database without continuing to be charged every month. Note that your payment information / history is not deleted when you cancel your data plan, but this information is stored for at least seven years in accordance with the Accounting Act (1999: 1078) before it is deleted.

To cancel a data plan, follow the steps in the following article: https://swetrack.zendesk.com/hc/articles/360021549140-19.

Deleting devices from the account
When you delete a device from your account, all information collected from that device is deleted from our database. Before deleting a device, it is important that you end its data plan first. If the unit is deleted before the data plan is completed, the fee will continue to be charged every month. Read more about how to cancel a data plan: https://swetrack.zendesk.com/hc/articles/360021549140-19.

To delete a device, follow the instructions in the following article: https://swetrack.zendesk.com/hc/articles/360021573459-7.

Terminate and delete an account
If you choose to terminate your account, you must first delete all devices that you have registered in that account (see above). When you delete your account, all personal data linked to that account is deleted from our database. To delete your account, follow the instructions in the following article: https://swetrack.zendesk.com/hc/articles/360021548720-24.