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SweTrack Lite

Our most cost-effective GPS tracker

Vehicle Tracking

Data sheet

Motion Sensor
Live Tracking
Update Interval
2 minutes
Mobile App
Supported voltage
9 - 36 volts
Power consumption
≈20 mA
Backup battery
100 mAh
7,3 cm
2,5 cm
1,2 cm
26 gram

Introducing SweTrack Lite

The SweTrack Lite is a revolutionary GPS tracking device for your car, boat or motorcycle. It comes with a number of useful features such as geofencing, position logging and movement alerts. All this, at the incredible price of just 49 euros.

Features at a glance

  • Live Tracking
  • Motion Sensor
  • Alarm Features
  • Integrated SIM Card
  • Voice Monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • Location History
  • Works in the entire EU
  • SMS commands
  • Magnet

What is SweTrack Lite?

One of the most efficient ways to protect your vehicle against theft is to equip it with a GPS tracking device. In addition to giving you full control of your vehicle's whereabouts at all times, this device comes with a number of added benefits - such as the ability to review the vehicle's historical movements, as well as providing reduced deductible fees with some insurance companies.

At SweTrack, we've been working day and night since 2013 to increase public knowledge and availability of this incredible technology and by introducing the SweTrack Lite, we truly believe we've found a way to make GPS tracking accessible to everyone, by offering an extremely versatile product at an incredible price, whilst incorporating a high degree of ease-of-use.

Usage Costs

The SweTrack Lite device comes with an integrated SIM card which is topped up with usage through our website. The monthly fee is €4.90. The fee includes unlimited usage in all EU countries (also including Norway, Switzerland and the UK). The device has access to all cell phone carriers in these countries, allowing for maximum connectivity. The product seamlessly switches between carriers, to ensure that it always has the best signal strength.

The data plan is completely commitment-free; this means that you can pause and re-enable your subscription at your leisure. For instance, if you only intend to use the device during the summertime, you don't have to pay any fees during the winter.


Smart Mobile App

The SweTrack Lite is controlled through our smart app, which allows you to see the device's current position and review historical movements - all from your smartphone or tablet PC.

Live Tracking

The live tracking feature allows you to see the device's movements in real time on your smartphone or computer screen. The device updates its location every two minutes.


Using the SweTrack Live app, you can easily set a geofence for your device. When you've activated a geofence, you will be alerted when the device leaves the designated area. This is the perfect way of making sure your car never leaves the driveway without your permission!

Position Logging

All positions that are logged by the device are automatically saved on the SweTrack Live server, allowing you to go back and review the vehicle's past movements at any time.

Power Saving Mode

The device's built-in power saving mode allows you to minimize the power consumption; this is great when used with smaller vehicles, such as motorbikes or snowmobiles.

Easy to Install

Connect the supplied wires to your vehicle's electrical system, download the app and create an account - that's all you need to do! No text messages, CD-ROM discs or tools required!

Water-Resistant Design

The SweTrack Lite is designed to be covertly installed in your vehicle - for instance, you can hide it in the engine bay of your car, or under the seat of your motorcycle. To make this possible, we've enclosed the device's hardware in a water-resistant case - meaning that it's always ready, in all weather conditions.

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Insurance Benefits

The product is approved by the following Swedish boat insurance providers: