Getting started with the SweTrack Lite

How to get started with your new device

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Congratulations on purchasing a SweTrack Lite! When your SweTrack Lite is set up and connected to your vehicle, you'll always have full control over your vehicle's whereabouts. This post describes the few simple steps you need to go through in order to get your device set up and ready for use.

Package Contents
The box contains the GPS tracker itself, a written quick start guide and a set of cables used to connect the device to the vehicle's power system.

Installing the Device
The SweTrack Lite is designed to be connected directly to your vehicle's electrical power system. To get started, connect the supplied cable to the device itself using the round connector found on the device itself and the power cable, respectively. When this is done, simply connect the black wire to a negative pole (-) and the red wire to a positive pole (+).

The orange cable is designed to be connected to the vehicle's ignition lock. If you choose to this, you can recieve push notifications through the SweTrack Live app whenever the vehicle's ignition is turned on or off. This is, however, optional and thus not required for the device to work.

Your SweTrack Lite device is now ready for use! Before you get started, you need to sign up for a monthly subscription and create an account in the SweTrack Live app. The other articles in the Knowledge Base describe how to do this. Good luck!

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