SweTrack Extreme

SIM Card installation

In this article, we describe how to install the SIM Card in your SweTrack Extreme unit.

First-time setup

Learn how to go through the initial setup that's required to start using your product.

Maximize your battery life

Your new SweTrack Extreme has a number of power saving features built in. Learn how to use them here!

Signing up for Live Tracking

This article describes how to create a Live Tracking account to use the SweTrack Live app.

Tweaking the Live Tracking settings

Learn how to get the most of your device's battery whilst using Live Tracking.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer to your question here? Our FAQ contains answers to the most common questions.

Go to the FAQ
User's Guide

Do you need a copy of your product's User Guide? Click here to download it to your computer!

Video Tutorial

Our Video Tutorial explains how to get started with your product and use the SweTrack Live app.


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