Initial setup of the SweTrack Extreme

Preparing the device for use

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Once you've charged the battery and installed a SIM card, you need to send a few short SMS commands to the device's phone number in order to get it ready for use. This article describes which commands need to be sent.

APN Settings
In order for the device to communicate with the Internet, you need to specify which APN is used by the carrier providing the SIM card you've installed in the device. To start with, you need to find out which APN your carrier uses. Below is a list of the APNs for the most common Swedish carriers; if you can't find your carrier below, or if you're in another country, consult your carrier's website for more information.

• Telia: online.telia.se
• Tele2Comviq: internet.tele2.se
• Halebop: halebop.telia.se
• Telenor: internet.telenor.se

Once you've determined which APN your carrier uses, it's time to send the information to the device. This is done by sending the following text message to the device's phone number: *apn*online.telia.se*. In this example, we used the APN for Telia - if you have a different carrier, replace online.telia.se with the APN appropriate to your carrier.

Setting the Master User
The SweTrack Extreme contains a security feature which ensures that only the owner of the device can communicate with it and request its location through SMS. In order to use the device, you need to assign a master user. In most cases, this is your own cellphone number. This is done by sending the following command to the device's phone number: *admin*123456*+46735050505*. Replace the example phone number with your own phone number.

If you want to allow other phone numbers to communicate with the device, send the command *fleraanvandare* to the device. This feature is called Multi-User Mode, and can be turned off with the *fleraanvandareav* command.

Setting the time zone
If you intend to use features that are controlled by time, e.g. power saving modes, it's very important that the correct time zone is set on the device. Send the command *tidszon*Z* to the device's phone number, where Z is replaced with 1 for Swedish standard time or 2 for Swedish Daylight Savings Time (sommartid).

Location Request
When you've followed the steps above, the device is ready to report its location to you. There are three different commands that can be used to retrieve the device's current location. These are listed below.
• To recieve the location as coordinates, use *position*
• To recieve a street adress, use *gatuadress*
• To recieve a Google Maps link, use *karta*

Activating Live Tracking
In order to activate the Live Tracking feature, use the command *livesparning*99*.

Status Check
The *status* command will return a message with some useful information about the device's current status - for instance, its current battery level and GPS signal strength.

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