Battery-Saving Tips

Make the most of your battery

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Your SweTrack Extreme contains one of the most powerful batteries on the market, as well as settings enabling you to maximize the battery's runtime. Below are two tips intended to help you increase your battery life.

Disable Live Tracking
Live Tracking is an incredibly helpful feature, but it consumes power. If you don't need to use Live Tracking daily, you can disable it using the *sparningav* command. You will still be able to retrieve the device's current location using the *karta* command, but the SweTrack Live app won't recieve any location data from the device until you re-enable Live Tracking using the *livesparning*99* command.

Use Motion-Controlled Sleep Mode
SweTrack Extreme contains a sleep mode that, when enabled, results in the device only being active when it is in motion. This can be enabled with the *rorelsesomn* command and turned off with the *somnav* command.

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