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How do I get my SweTrack Engine ready for use?

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Once your SweTrack Engine device is installed in your vehicle, you need to send a few short SMS commands to the device's phone number to prepare it for use. These commands are listed below.

APN Settings
In order for the device to be able to communicate with you over the Internet, you need to specify your carrier's APN address. This information can be found on your carrier's website. To do this, use the command apn123456 internet.carrier.com, where internet.carrier.com is of course replaced by the correct APN for your carrier.

Setting the Time Zone
In order for time-controlled features to work satisfactory, you need to set the correct time zone. This is done using the command tidszon123456 Z, where Z is replaced by 1 for Swedish standard time (vintertid) or 2 for Swedish Daylight Savings time (sommartid).

Setting a Master Phone Number
We strongly advise you to program your own phone number as a master phone number. This ensures that vital settings cannot be changed by anyone but you. To do this, use the command admin123456 immediately followed by your own phone number.

SMS Location Request
You can now try requesting the device's location using SMS messaging. To do this, send the command position123456 to the device's phone number. The device will respond with a link which, when clicked, will show the device's current location on-screen.

Status Request
You can retrieve your device's current status using the status123456 command. This will return information about the device's current battery level and more.

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