Reduce the amount of mobile data consumed by your device

How do I save data?

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The SweTrack Engine includes a smart feature that lets you reduce the amount of mobile data that's used by the device when Live Tracking is active. This is useful when you're using a Pay-as-you-Go SIM card with a very limited amount of data.

The data savings mode results in the device not sending any location data to the SweTrack Live server when it's noted no movements for five minutes. In other words, the SweTrack Engine will stop searching for its current location when the vehicle is stationary - for instance, when it is parked. As soon as the vehicle begins to move, the device will resume uploading locations to SweTrack Live. To enable the data savings mode, use the command mindredata123456 aktivera. The feature can be disabled at any time using the mindredata123456 av command.

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