How do I install the SweTrack Bike?

Attaching the device to your bicycle

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SweTrack Bike is in many ways a unique product - for instance, it's incredibly simple to attach the device to your bicycle! Unlike many other bicycle tracking products, no tools are required for installation, and you can easily change the device's placement later on if you wish. Also, the SweTrack Bike has built-in LED lights that can be activate to further increase the camouflage effect of the device. When the LED lights are activated, the device will blink in a similar way to regular bicycle taillights. This article describes how to attach the device to your bicycle, and how to use the LED light function.

How do I install the SweTrack Bike?
In the box your product came in, you'll find a rubber band and a plastic piece that attaches to the back of the device. Attach the plastic piece to the device, then use the two hooks on the plastic piece's sides to fasten the rubber band around your bicycle frame.

How do I activate the LED lights?
When designing the SweTrack Bike, we envisioned a product thah visually resembles a bicycle taillight, in order to make it hard for a bicycle thief to realize that the device is in fact a tracking device. As a matter of fact, the SweTrack Bike has LED lights built in that can be activated if desired. To activate the LED lights, make one short press followed by one long press on the power button. The LED lights will now begin flashing. Note that the LED lights will be automatically turned off when the bicycle has been stationary for three minutes in order to conserve battery. To deactivate the LED lights, make three short presses followed by one long press on the button.

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