State-of-the-art GPS tracking in a portable form factor.

Discover the SweTrack Extreme - our most
powerful GPS tracker ever. Keep reading to learn more!

SweTrack Extreme - GPS-spårare för bil

Introducing the SweTrack Extreme.

Using GPS tracking devices to protect vehicles, heavy machinery and other valuable goods against theft is growing more and more popular. Using a GPS tracker, you can determine the exact location of any object and recieve different types of alerts - for instance, if the GPS tracker is placed on a vehicle, you can be notified if the vehicle begins to move.

We've created a revolutionary product, called SweTrack Extreme. When we began work on this product, we were determined to create something that is incredibly easy to use and has a relevant set of features, while delivering superb battery performance, high positioning precision and a sturdy exterior design. As a result of this, the SweTrack Extreme comes in a water-proof case, with a strong magnet to simplify installation, and is available with different battery sizes - the largest of which offers up to thirteen years of standby battery life! As for ease of use - the SweTrack Extreme is controlled through our groundbreaking mobile app SweTrack Live, which allows you to view the device's current location, change its alert settings and review position history all through the convenience of your smartphone or tablet!

Always ready

The SweTrack Extreme can be stowed away in a hidden location, or mounted magnetically. When the device is in place, just sit back and relax!

Intelligent Alarm Features

Several sensors are built into the SweTrack Extreme, allowing it to notify you at certain events. For instance, you can recieve a notification if an object begins to move.

Easy to Administer

CD-ROM discs, clunky old PC software and complicated commands are now a thing of the past - you control the SweTrack Extreme through our intuitive smartphone app!

Sturdy Design

The SweTrack Extreme is built to last! The shock-absorbing case, which is also waterproof, ensures that the SweTrack Extreme is always ready when you need it - no matter where it may be located.

Easy to Install

The SweTrack Extreme's small physical footprint means it's easy to hide in a covert location. Optionally, you can use the built in magnet - with a lift capacity of 20 kilograms - to attach the device to any magnetic surface.

No Monthly Fees

We never charge any fees for your use of the device itself or any software associated with it. All you need to use your SweTrack Extreme is a SIM Card with SMS and data capabilities. No more than 20 MB data per month is required to use the device around the clock!

SweTrack GPS Spårare

Intelligent Tracking Features

Motion Alert

Want to keep your car safe at night? Just activate the Motion Alert feature - and the device will notify you as soon as any movement is detected.


With just a few taps on your screen, you can set up a Geofence - if the device leaves the designated perimeter, you will be notified immediately!

Live Tracking

Our groundbreaking app SweTrack Live gives you full control of your device's location, straight on your smartphone's screen. You can change your device settings, set up a geofence and even review past location data - all with a touch of your finger.