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About the SweTrack Engine

SweTrack Engine at a glance

The SweTrack Engine is our most powerful GPS tracking device for vehicles. it connects easily to the vehicle’s power system, and offers you a reliable way of protecting your vehicle against theft.

Small Form Factor, Huge Feature Set

The SweTrack Engine is barely larger than an oldschool cell phone, and weights just 65 grams - yet it contains tons of functionality.

Live Tracking, the core of our user experience, is of course included - and being our most powerful vehicle tracking system, the SweTrack Engine can report its position to the server as often as every 10 seconds.
In addition, the SweTrack Engine contains a variety of sensors to enhance your control over your vehicle’s whereabouts. For instance, the Ignition Sensor allows you to connect a wire to the vehicle’s ignition lock - meaning that as soon as the ignition is turned on or off, you will recieve a Push Notification from the SweTrack Live app. Also, the built-in microphone allows you to call the device’s phone number and listen to everything that’s going on around it. The Motion Detector lets the device notify you when it detects movement, if the device moves more than a given distance or if it leaves a designated area.
SweTrack Engine even contains a sensor that alerts you if someone cuts off the electrical wires - and if this should happen, you needn’t worry; the 500 mAh backup battery that is built into every SweTrack Engine unit allows it to keep working for up to two weeks.

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Live Tracking

The SweTrack Engine ships with our revolutionary SweTrack Live software, which allows you to monitor your vehicle's location in real time using a user-friendly smartphone app or web interface. If you own multiple SweTrack Engine devices, all of them can be reached from within the same account.

Intelligent Alarm Features

The SweTrack Engine has a number of sensors built in, which allows it to send different types of notifications to you based on the data collected by these sensors. For instance, the immensely popular Motion Sensor allows you to be notified through the app or by SMS if your vehicle begins to move.


Using our app, you can easily set a Geo-Fence for your device. A Geo-Fence is a designated perimeter, which your vehicle is supposed to remain within. Should your vehicle leave this area, you'll be instantly notified - and, of course, the app will also let your know when your vehicle is back in the area in which it belongs.

Voice Monitoring

The built-in microphone allows you to place a phone call to the device's phone number, and listen to everything that's going on in the device's surroundings.

Smart Power Saving Modes

The SweTrack Engine is an intelligent GPS tracker - it optimizes its settings to consume as little mobile data and power as possible. In other words, having the SweTrack Engine installed in your vehicle won't drain your car battery! In addition, the device has a built-in 500 mAh battery, which is automatically charged when the vehicle supplies power to the device. This means that you can request the vehicle's location and communicate with your SweTrack Engine, even when the vehicle's power system is switched off.

Speed Warning

The device allows you to set a speed limit - if your vehicle exceeds this speed, the device will notify you.

Easy to Install

The SweTrack Engine connects easily to your vehicle's existing power system. All necessary wires, as well as a fuse, are included with your purchase. The small size of the product allows you to hide it virtually anywhere in your vehicle - all that's needed is a way to connect it to the vehicle's power system.

No Contract, No Monthly Fees

All you need to use the SweTrack Engine is a SIM card from a carrier of your choice, with SMS and data support. We will never charge any additional fees for your use of the device or the SweTrack Live software platform!

Live Tracking

The SweTrack Engine is a versatile GPS tracking device with many different features, allowing you to keep full track of your vehicle's whereabouts. At the center of the user experience, however, is our app - SweTrack Live. SweTrack Live is a user-friendly app, available for computers and mobile devices, that gives you total control over your GPS tracker through a beautiful graphical user interface. Read on to find out more about SweTrack Live.

SweTrack Live

Swetrack livespårningSweTrack Live is our biggest software development project ever. It consists of an app, which is downloaded free of charge to your smartphone or tablet. When purchasing a GPS tracker from SweTrack, you will recieve an activation code which is used to create your account on the SweTrack Live platform. After creating your account, you can see the exact location of your vehicle on-screen. You can choose to see the location on a standard map layer, or through satellite imaging. If you have multiple SweTrack devices, you can of course add them all to the same account - and to differentiate the devices from one another, you can set a unique name, icon, description and image for each of your devices.

Swetrack livespårningAside from showing your vehicle's current location, the SweTrack Live app has many other clever features built in. For instance, the Position History feature allows you to review your vehicle's past movements, and the Geofence feature allows you to be notified if your vehicle leaves or enters a designated perimeter.

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