No More Vehicle Thefts

The SweTrack Engine helps you ensure that your vehicle stays safe. Using the built-in Motion Sensor and the SweTrack Live app, you can be automatically notified as soon as your vehicle begins to move.

Theft-Protection You Can Trust

The SweTrack Engine is a tiny GPS tracker, which is easily installed into your vehicle. When the device is in place, it works around the clock to let you stay up to date on your vehicle's whereabouts.

An Intelligent GPS Tracker

The SweTrack Engine lets you follow your vehicle's movements in real time, with location updates as often as every 10 seconds! In addition, it allows you to recieve various types of alerts from the device, thanks to the many built-in sensors.

Always Online

At the core of our user experience is the SweTrack Live app, which is included with every SweTrack Engine device. The app allows you to track your vehicle's movements - both past and current - as well as recieve push notifications and work with geofences.

No Contract, No Monthly Fee, No Complicated Terms & Conditions

Many GPS based vehicle tracking solutions come with high monthly fees, 1-year contracts and restrictions on how the device can be used. This is not the experience we wish upon our customers - and, as such, the SweTrack Engine comes with no extra fees whatsoever. All you need is an ordinary SIM card from any mobile carrier which supports data & text messaging, and you're good to go. Any standard Pay-as-you-Go SIM card will do the job just fine!

In addition, we impose no restrictions whatsoever on how our software platform, SweTrack Live, can be used by you. You can use the software as often as you like and on how many devices as you like. All location data is saved in our cloud servers forever - meaning that you can always go back to review your vehicle's movements in retrospect.

And, of course, your data stays safe with us - all our servers are highly encrypted, meaning that your data will never fall into the wrong hands.

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