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Protect your property, track it in real-time, and get alarms with the app
SweTrack Live - directly in your smartphone or tablet.
All you need to get started is one of our GPS-trackers!

About SweTrack Live

SweTrack Live is a live tracking service for you who have a GPS-tracker from SweTrack. In the app, you can follow the GPS tracker's position in real time and get a history of how it has been moving.
Additionally, you can set geographic fencing and get a range of alarms and notifications from your GPS-tracker. Smart, right?

SweTrack Livetracking

SweTrack Live?

We are extremely proud to offer our customers SweTrack Live - a truly user-friendly tracking solution. Let's explain why.

You get realtime tracking

With SweTrack Live, you can track the GPS tracker's position in real time, second to second. You'll see exactly where the car, boat, dog or transport vehicles are located - right in your smartphone. And you who have multiple GPS-tracker will of course see everyone at the same time without having multiple accounts. That's what we call real realtime tracking.

You get reliable theft protection

A GPS-tracker from SweTrack and SweTrack Live is the best way to counter vehicle robberies! Activate the motion alarm when the car is parked - as soon as a movement is detected you will receive an alarm, directly on the phone!

You get started without a lot of hassle!

It only takes a few minutes to mount one of our GPS-trackers and start following the position in the app. Of course, our customer service is here to help you if you have questions along the way.

No expensive subscription
or bind times!

All you need to use SweTrack Live is a GPS-Tracker from SweTrack. The Live Tracking Service - SweTrack Live - is included free of charge.

SweTrack Engine GPS-tracker for vehicles


SweTrack Live is one of our biggest investments ever - our goal was to provide a service where the customer can see his GPS tracker's current position in his mobile device without compromising on functionality, while making the app user friendly. Here are some of the features you can use when you have SweTrack Live with a GPS-tracker from us.

Real-time positioning/

You can track the GPS-tracker's position in real time - right in your smartphone, tablet and computer!


A geographic fence is an area on a map where the GPS-tracker is allowed to move freely. If the GPS-tracker leaves the geographic fence, you will receive a warning immediately!

Position history/

You can see how your GPS-tracker has moved over a specific period of time - and even see the GPS-tracker's itinerary printed on a map!

/Works with multiple devices

You who have multiple SweTrack GPS-trackers can have all your GPS-trackers linked to one and the same account so that you can see all of your GPS-tracker on the map at the same time. You may have two dogs or fifty trucks - with SweTrack Live you get complete control!

/All settings in one place

Edit settings for your account and your GPS-tracker - right in the app!

/Works with your regular phone

With us, you do not need any separate receiver devices, hard drives or CDs. SweTrack Live is available directly in your regular smartphone, so you always check the device's position.

You know that SweTrack Live works with all our GPS tractors - no matter where, or when you bought it. Download the app and get started with life tracking already!


An image says more than a thousand words - here are some pictures of how SweTrack Live looks like in use!

Download the app

You who have a SweTrack Lite, Extreme, Engine or Bike can click on the buttons below and download the app directly.

Choose platform

SweTrack Live works on all smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android.
You need to have iOS 9.0 or later if you have an iPhone or iPad. You who have Android need version 4.0.3 or later of the Android system. You can also login to the browser from a computer.

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Do you have questions about SweTrack Live, or our GPS tracker? We are here to help you!
Contact us today at support@swetrack.com!